10 January 2006

4Kings: Pilot Episode - already jumped the shark


Took a break from watching Doogie Howser, MD ---- which reminds me, has it always been so cheesy? It’s toooooo cute! It sucks watching it. Again. In 2006. Hospital TV has greatly evolved since more than 15 years ago, story development - wise, thank God.

Anyway, finished watching the pilot episode of Four Kings. All 20 minutes of it. I’m thanking God again, it’s only 20 minutes... of wasted time. If it were any longer, I'd...not....thank God. Hehehe.

This is a show that:
- was directed by James Burrows – just about the best director for sitcoms (he did episodes of Friends and Will and Grace and thousands more)
- was created by the team behind Will and Grace, a groundbreaking team
- starred Seth Green, promising comedian.
- was recommended as "the show to watch", by reputable TV orgs

....so you might say, I expected something great.

But ended up watching crap.

Four Kings is a negative four stars in my book.

Won’t watch it again.

Dare I say, this show won’t even last.

Heck, Joey is way better and no one is watching that one.(Well, okay 25 people watch Joey! Including myself...mwehehe.)

Things I didn't like:
- The jokes are waaaaaaaaay old and felt like I’ve heard it all before.
- There are laugh tracks, I hate those.
- Two thirds of the actors aren’t funny. Their characters are not even likeable
- Story is bad. First episode and there's already a funeral?

What's also bad is they placed this on a Thursday sched --- Must-See Thursday! (now Must-See-Them-Lose-Viewers Thursday!)

Okay, so some would probably give this two more episodes to see if things could change. This is just strike one.

As for me, ang paaaangggit talaga. Pramis. Hindi ko na po uulitin.

Four Kings
The Pilot Episode
Originally Aired: Jan. 5, 2006
Network: NBC