21 January 2006

Tv Gal's Best of TV 2005

I missed putting this up on the blog so, 21 days after 2006, here's another best of 2005. Better late than never!

(Idiotic side comments mine. )

Best Bad Boy: Sawyer on "Lost"
Best Bad Boss: Michael on "The Office"
Best People to Solve a Crime: Cast of "Without a Trace"
Best Good Detective: Deputy Chief Brenda Johnson on "The Closer"
Best Bad Cop: Vic Mackey on "The Shield"
Best Friends: Vince and the gang on "Entourage"
Best Friend: Sookie on "Gilmore Girls"
Best Reason to Still be Upset About a Show Cancellation: "Joan of Arcadia" ---> I'd have to say Arrested Development fits this category too
Best Proof that You Don't Need to be Able to Act to be on TV: Robin Tunney on "Prison Break"
Best Creepy Character: Sheriff Tom Underlay on "Invasion"
Best Villain to Root for: Dina Araz on "24"
Best Villain to Root Against: Antwon Mitchell on "The Shield"
Best Surprise: The Vice President is Patricia Wettig on "Prison Break"; Walt's kidnapping on "Lost"
Best Husband: Joe on "Medium"
Best Sexual Tension: Meredith and McDreamy on "Grey's Anatomy" ---> Hihihi...
Best Unrequited Love: Pam and Jim on "The Office"
Best Cast Addition to a New Show: Mark-Paul Gosselaar to "Commander In Chief"
Best Cast Addition to an Existing Show, Female: Kate Walsh to "Grey's Anatomy"
Best Cast Addition to an Existing Show, Male: Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje to "Lost"
Best Planning for New Fall Season: Rockmund Dunbar who seamlessly bounced from a series regular on the quickly cancelled "Head Cases" to increasing his role on "Prison Break"
Best Proof that There's Life After a Reality Series: Steven W. Bailey on "Grey's Anatomy." ----> Yeah, Joe!!
Best New Catch Phrase: "Have you met Ted?" from "How I Met Your Mother"
Best New Word: "Snarkastic" on Gilmore Girls.
Best Cameo: Joss Whedon on "Veronica Mars"
Best Proof that Recasting Can't Help a Bad Series: Replacing Marguerite Moreau with Kristin Lehman as the female lead on "Killer Instinct"
Best Comic Relief: Dude, it's so Hurley on "Lost"
Best Hurley in Training: Dave on "Invasion"
Best Guest Star: Amy Acker as the villainous Kelly Peyton on "Alias"
Best Example of a Sophomore Slump: "Desperate Housewives" ----> Ha!Ha!Ha!!!
Best Example that a Sophomore Slump Doesn't Have to Happen: "Lost" ----> Almost came close though...
Best Proof that There's Life After a Jerry Springer Movie: Jamie Pressly on "My Name is Earl"
Best Boyfriend Under 25: Bright on "Everwood"
Best Boyfriend Over 25: Luke on "Gilmore Girls"
Best Crazy Girlfriend: Callie Thorne on both "Rescue Me" and "ER"
Best Burying of Past Role: Brittany Snow so earnest on "American Dreams" and so down right disturbing on "Nip/Tuck"
Best Great Work Amid a Ridiculous Season: John Hensley on "Nip/Tuck"
Best New TV Star: Wentworth Miller on "Prison Break" ----> Yum!
Best New to TV Star: Jason Lee on "My Name is Earl"
Best Place for a Buffy Alum: "Veronica Mars"
Best Reason to Break into Prison: Michael on "Prison Break"
Best Reason to Break Out of Prison: GOB will help you escape on "Arrested Development"
Best Proof that all TV Shows Can Make a Comeback: This season of "The West Wing"
Best Proof that all Good Things Must Come to an End: This season of "Alias"
Best Shout Out to Another Show: Summer donning a "Donna Martin Graduates" t-shirt on "The O.C."
Best Use of Inside Jokes: "Boston Legal"
Best Second Chance at Romance: Luka and Abby on "ER"
Best Brothers: A tie between Sam and Dean on "Supernatural" and Charlie and Don on "Numb3rs"
Best Reason to Get Basic Cable: "Rescue Me"
Best Reason to Get HBO: "Entourage"
Best Reason to Get Showtime: "Weeds"
Best Versatile Actor: Currie Graham who in 2005 played Lt. Thomas Bale on "NYPD Blue," Stacy's husband on "House," Lynette's boss on "Desperate Housewives" and an assistant district attorney on "Boston Legal."
Best Good Cry: The reunion of Sun and Jin and Rose and Bernard on "Lost"
Best Proof that There's Life After a Seminal 90's TV Series: The notorious Brian Austin Green on "Freddie" and Jason Priestley on the upcoming "Love Monkey." Heck even the doorMatt (Daniel Cosgrove) has work on "In Justice."
Best Sound of a Phone Ringing: Once and forever, "24" ---> Yeh!
Best Proof that You Shouldn't Mess with a Good Thing: The booooring family edition of "Amazing Race" ---> Yeh!
Best Proof Sometimes Things are What They Seem: Quentin is the Carver on "Nip/Tuck"
Best Kid: Chris on "Everybody Hates Chris" ---> Really? Don't like that kid!
Best Annoying Co-Worker: Dwight on "The Office" ---> Hahahah!
Best Character Return: Tony on "24" ---> Hell, yeah! I cheered for this scene!
Best Older Brother: Ephram on "Everwood"
Best Younger Sister: Rose on "Invasion"
Best Son: George Michael on "Arrested Development" ---> Awwww...
Best Sidekick: Randy on "My Name is Earl"
Best Reason to Moonlight: The fabulous and underused Marin Hinkle on "Two and a Half Men" popped up on "House," "Law & Order: SVU" and "In Justice."
Best Proof that You Can't Force a Comeback: Martha Stewart
Best Daughter: Julie on "Desperate Housewives."
Best Place to Work: Seattle's Grace Hospital on "Grey's Anatomy" -- you'd always have someone to date.

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