13 January 2006

My other favorite TV show is back

Pardon me but...I think I have too many favorite shows. Hehe.

But really, a favorite is back. Am talking about The Shield. Season 5 just opened the other night. And if I may say so, the best season opening for any other shows I've just watched.

Why is this show my favorite? Awesome writing, exclamation pointssss. (Mwehehe). And I don't mean just the story line, but the dialogues. It's all in-your-face, I love it.

Vic: I’ll walk out the front door on my own before I’ll let someone push me out the back!


Dutch: It’s a rookie mistake.
Claudette: She’s way too young for you.
Dutch: I am mature and distinguished. A lot of young women appreciate that.
Claudette: You really ought to cut back on the porn.


Dutch: Come on. It’s been a long, shitty day.
Claudette: Everyday....


Danny: They want to talk to a Captain!
Capt. Billings: And I want more hair!

Next time, I'll get clips.

The Shield
Season 5 Episode 1 - Extraction
Original Airing: Jan 10, 2005
Network: FX