29 January 2006

All The Way

I thought he'd be gone on TV by now, but apparently he survived...and for more than a year now!

*giggles* Alright, this show is my guilty pleasure. I don't get to watch it as often as I do Conan, Leno and lately, Letterman. But when I do catch it on TV, my brain tells me to switch the channel but the fingers wrapped around my remote won't budge.

The article says: "so-square-he’s-cool" and that's exactly what it is.

The other week I caught the last part of this show and some band was singing, (actually, straining!) to some song I cannot recognize because they've murdered it. Then cut to Jojo A and his sidekick (yes, he's got a sidekick now, ala Andy of Conan before) exchanging corny jokes and text greetings....And you know what I felt? ---> A mixture of: "Who allowed this show on TV?" and "Sayang I missed the whole show!"

It is that bad, that I wanted to tune to it now...and every night if possible. Only his schedule (9-10PM on RJTV, cable) goes head to head with Letterman and Jon Stewart on Jack TV. Pero pag pangit ang guests nila.....

All The Way na ako!

Jojo A. All The Way
Cable - Channel 53 (Sun-Sky)
Network: RJTV