01 January 2006

First Broadcast

On test broadcast... please don't mind the graphics, theme and stuff, it's half-done. Will be officially broadcasting 01.2006. Happy New Year!

Not quite as great as the first two Seasons, but Australian Idol remains one of the best Idol franchise there is. Production is very well-prepared, the hosts have undeniable chemistry and wit; and there is an indeed an amazing crop of talent in the land down under.

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Watch some clips below:

Opening of Australian Idol 2005 Finals - December 2005

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Every year, I look forward to watching the opening of Australian Idol finale because it's not like any other Idol preparation I've seen. Fireworks displays are just the icing on the cake, what happens before that are events short of a Hollywood entrance. This year, the final two contestants were escorted from the end of the street by Harley-driving biker boys (last year, the final two rode at the back of a top down luxury car). Their mini-parade ended at the steps of the Sydney Opera House where thousands of screaming fans asked for their pictures and autographs.

To a lowly "singing show contestant" experiencing this (win or lose), it is just the beginning of their ride to superstardom.

Emily Williams
Australian Idol 2005 Finalist (Top 2)

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Emily was my bet to win it. She sounds like Whitney Houston and of all the contestants, she was the only one who got two touchdowns from Australian Idol Judge Mark Holden. Earning a "touchdown" from Mark usually meant that on that night, you gave the best performance and may possibly be the best one of the lot.

Kate DeAraugo
Australian Idol 2005 Winner

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I think Kate won because the original Australian Idol song was meant to be sung by someone with her voice. If fitted her perfectly. She was not exactly the crowd favorite but she has a good recording voice --- flawless and crystal clear.

Australian Idol
Season 3 Finale
Network: Network 10
Original Airing: November 21, 2005