01 January 2006

Desperate Housewives Call for Desperate Measures

On test broadcast... please don't mind the graphics, theme and stuff, it's half-done. Will be officially broadcasting 01.2006. Happy New Year!

Has this show jumped the shark? Because that one looks like a Melrose Place plot line to me...And we all know what happened to Melrose Place when it got all crazy and ridiculous --- it lost its viewership.

Desperate Housewives - The Complete First Season To be honest, I've dropped this show from my To-Watch list. It has lost my interest. For one thing, the storylines don't actually develop and it's like everything wrong or unfortunate is happening to all four women, all at the same time that, IRL I might not wanna be friends with four whining-slash-problematic women (which is too bad because I would probably love Lynette among all of them).

Sophomore jinx? Or is it time for these Wisteria Lane residents to pack up and leave? How can a show be so greatly written the first season, suck so bad in the next one?