31 January 2006

And your treatment plan is based on...cuteness?

In last night's episode...

The nurses at Seattle Grace Hospital go on strike, leaving the doctors to fend for themselves; an elderly patient's friends (June Lockhart, Betty Garrett and Rae Allen) bring Meredith's mistake to light.

Also, Izzie outs her secret. Didn't see that one coming. She gave up a baby for adoption?? Whoa.

The baby is now 11 and is living in California. She gave her up because she was very young when she had her. Dreams crushed, whole life ahead of her. That sort of thing. This was unexpected, it gave Izzie character depth. Makes me wonder why this show is called Grey's Anatomy, because the character of Grey has now been reduced to mere supporting cast, all the other characters have become much more interesting.

Speaking of Grey...

Her breakdown scene was heartbreaking. I can't .. I don't .. I can't .. I don't ... I can't ... can't....I...*sob* don't want *sob* my mother to die *sob* alone...

And if it weren't for that, her storyline last night would've been something like a footnote. But hey, the DNR-lady's send off was touching. It's calming to see people die that way. *weirdness alert*

And finally, best lines on the night were from Screen Actors' Guild BEST ACTRESS AWARDEE herself: Sandra Oh's character, Cristina.

"Can you unmount?" - addressing a patient who was all over her husband on the hospital bed.

And my favorite: "And your treatment plan is based on...cuteness?" on this video below.

This is a scene where arrogant-and-I'm-always-right Cristina questions the methods of her new boss Olivia, who is the complete opposite of her other boss, Bailey the Nazi (who is out on maternity leave, for real).

Olivia is the type of doctor who offers gold stars if you do a good doctor thing. She handles doctor stuff like its pre-school... and to a competitive and feeling hot-shot Cristina, this ain't good.

I wonder how Bailey will react if she meets that perky, "Can we hug it out?", replacement. Hehehe!

Next week is the much hyped code black episode...Ooooh. Me likey.

Great one, this show!

Grey's Anatomy
Season 2 Episode 15 - Break on Through
Original Air Date: Jan. 29, 2006
Network: ABC