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31 May 2012

TV Style: Beverly's Laptop Skin on EPISODES

I have not been thinking about laptop skins.  You know what they are.  It's those stickers you put on your laptop if you want this one-of-a-kind look.

But when I saw this while watching Episodes earlier, I kind of know now what I want...if I were thinking of having mine skinned!


Beverly and her cool laptop skin!!!

This is just too perfect! I don't exactly know what it's called. A tune-up guide? A TV color guide? We hardly see this on television anymore. But growing up in the province then, this was on a lot in a channel that only started airing at four in the afternoon.

The color graph sums up one thing about me (in that I love TV, in case you didn't notice :P). And it also sums up one thing about Beverly on Episodes, who is a TV series writer/creator. Beverly is played by British actress Tamsin Greig.

Are you watching Episodes, by the way? The series is currently running its 2nd Season on the BBC and I'm really enjoying it.  I almost didn't want to watch Season 2 because I was having a hard time detaching Matt LeBlanc as the guy from Friends.

Now, I'm glad I changed my mind. Coz the writing has just gotten better and I like that there's this awkward tension between Beverly and Sean, now that they are separated, yet working together.


  1. do u know where to get on of these?!

    I also spotted it while watching Episodes and can't stop thinking about it!!

  2. http://www.cafepress.com/+tv_color_bars_laptop_skins,605726551

  3. Do they still sell these? I'd love one but can't find it (upper link broken) ... Can you help me?