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25 May 2012

More Revenge-y Stuff (Like What Sweater Was Emily Thorne Wearing?)

I was digging around, trying to see if someone has an answer for what sweater was it that Emily wore in the Revenge finale.

I'm talking about this:

Wouldn't be able to wear where I live. But it is a pretty cableknit! Those sidebuttons? Cute!

My search came up empty. But I found something similar on Neiman Marcus in burgundy.

But it doesn't have the same appeal.

Google-searching didn't help. Possessionista might be able to tell in a few days, as I'm sure someone would've already asked her.

I've been toying with the idea of adding entries like this on this blog, as I do occassionaly. But I don't have the skills to rummage through the internet for fashion finds. That takes talent. And effort to do this everyday. Which I may have no energy for.

Anyway, while digging around, I found these interesting photos. With the exception of Emily Van Camp's, the rest are ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS!!

You can check more celebrity before/after pics on this Pinterest Blog from Snakkle.

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  1. so totoong long haired si jack, in the early years of revenge and true life haha. kalerks si nolan LOL!

  2. LOL!!!! Oo nga no? Mukha siyang GIRL. Tapos si Daniel, DORK. Dapat si Nolan pina-dreads rin nila sa Revenge. :D

    Si Emily mukhang si Heather from Glee.

  3. been looking for that sweater since the final episode also. found it on the gap website then it disappeared.