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02 September 2009

What's On Monday's TV Schedule Fall 2009?

Lists -- am a huge fan. I go geek over it. The list I look forward to the most? Fall Season TV! I'll chronicle is this year's schedule beginning with Monday.

I honestly am equally excited and unprepared for the new season. Excited, because, of course what else? --- New shows to follow. Unprepared, because I haven't been watching TV in a while and am finding my way back into a new routine, my couch is about to get warm. (Hey, I checked all the other TV blogs I used to visit...what happened? Most of them stopped writing about what they're watching almost the same time as I did! A virus must have hit all of us somewhere...).

Anyway, here's what's on Mondays:

  • 8:00: Dancing With the Stars (ABC), How I Met Your Mother (CBS)/Accidentally on Purpose (CBS), Heroes (NBC), House (FOX), One Tree Hill (CW), Lincoln Heights (ABC Family)
  • 9:00 Dancing With the Stars (ABC), Two and a Half Men (CBS)/The Big Bang Theory (CBS), Trauma (NBC), Lie to Me (FOX), Gossip Girl (CW), Greek (ABC Family)
  • 10:00 Castle (ABC), CSI: Miami (CBS), The Jay Leno Show (NBC)

HIMYM and Big Bang Theory are going to be my regulars. I am excited for BBT most especially as the show is gaining a following from the mainstream audience and the critics. Probably the best comedy show there is now.

House is still on my list. But after last season's disappointments, I am not sure I'm going to look forward to it weekly. It's the same with Castle. Nathan Fillion rocks, but the show is probably gonna get a lukewarm reception in our household.

Am gonna check out Greek now and then, because it's campy fun no matter when I watch it.

I am probably going to watch Lie to Me but I bet I will be skipping some parts and won't be missing it that much.

I will be checking out Trauma because it's new.

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