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05 September 2009

What's On Friday's TV Schedule Fall 2009?

I now understand why Fridays spell death for TV shows when it's scheduled there. There's nothing on this line-up I really am eager to watch right away!

  • 8:00 Supernanny (ABC), Ghost Whisperer (CBS), Law & Order (NBC), Brothers (FOX)/‘Til Death (FOX), Smallville (CW)
  • 9:00 Ugly Betty (ABC), Medium (CBS), Southland (NBC), Dollhouse (FOX), America’s Next Top Model rerun (CW), Monk (USA)
  • 10:00 20/20 (ABC), Numb3rs (CBS), The Jay Leno Show (NBC), Psych / White Collar (USA)
No wait, lemme correct the statement above...

Alright, White Collar is promising, I will have to check it out pronto. Ditto Brothers, just because it's new though I haven't seen previews and have no idea what it's about.

I am going to save episodes of Southland and Dollhouse for later.

I gave up on Ugly Betty last season.

Guess on Friday nights, I can take a break.

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