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24 September 2009

TV Ratings 09.23.09 - NCIS (and spin-off) Dominates

Crime shows ruled this night with huge openings for NCIS, it's spin-off NCIS: Los Angeles.

Of the two new shows up against each other --- The Good Wife and Christian Slater's new starrer, The Forgotten, the former edged out.

The remake of Melrose Place, which premiered a couple of weeks earlier, is really struggling that's why the big guns are now calling on Heather Locklear to guest star.

From TVByTheNumbers:

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  1. Buti nga sa 90210 and Melrose Place na yan. I watched the pilot of Melrose Place and I didn't finish it. I also watched the season premiere of 90210 to see if I'm gonna warm up to it this time. Wala pa rin. Both suck. Puhlezzz! We want it fresh, fresh, fresh!