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31 August 2008

Watching for the first time: Dawson's Creek

So, when I thought of watching one or two episodes of several TV shows yesterday, guess which one stood out the most? Dawson's Creek!

I can't believe how good this is!

Where was I when this show was on TV? Oh, wait...yes, I was taking care of a baby!

So, it had been that long!?

That was Katie Holmes? She was adorable in that program...what happened to her?

I've decided to watch its first season today. Not sure if I can finish all of it, but I'll take what I can.

Any fans of this show out there? What did you love about this series?


  1. hey! i`m an avid fan! my friends (girls and boys) and i have a dawson`s creek day every monday (i think). we`d all eat dinner in front of the tv... i`m pro joey-pacey from the start and one of the kiniligs when i found out that katie & josh were an item then.. do watch everything, sis!

  2. I'm almost done with Season 1, short lang pala. 13 episodes. :) But I don't think I can finish the series. :( Maybe during hiatus.

    I did Wiki it up though. I do like Joey and Pacey, hehe. Was happy to read they were together in real life at one point. Cute. :)

    I'll be watching Pacey, I mean Joshua Jackson this season on Fringe. Medyo Pacey rin yung character niya dun, I see that now.

  3. Me love Pacey! Nakakatuwa ang mga hirit nya. Nakalimutan ko na ang DC. Siguro kailangan ko na ulit panoorin. LOL

  4. omg! i've been doing marathon for two weeks now. about to finish the 4th season. same reactions as i had almost ten years ago. love it so much. pacey is such a charm. ;)

  5. Oh, maraming Dawson's Creek/Pacey fans pala!