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03 August 2008

Christina Applegate has breast cancer

This is my blog's 1000th entry and it's unfortunately bad news.

Reuters reports today that Christina Applegate, star of Samantha Who, has breast cancer. Although, those close to her remain positive she will make a full recovery. Only 36 years old, Christina's own mother battled with this disease and has been an advocate against it since.

Christina was also in the news just last month when police found her boyfriend (ex?) dead.

Be well and strong, Christina.
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  1. I just read the news on reuters and this is so sad. Cancer is such a bitch.

  2. Good thing it was detected real early. She is my age, and that makes me scared that you can get breast cancer this young. :(

  3. I had breast cancer when i was 29.. Now I'm feeling lumps again at 32. It doesn't spare the young nowadays. :(

  4. Aww... Regular check-ups are really necessary. Hope all is well with you.