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26 August 2008

Catch up on Eli Stone!

If you haven't been watching Eli Stone, you're missing a few things: 1) Jonny Lee Miller, who is so wonderful an actor; 2) All the hallucinations leading to the cast singing and dancing. It's cheesy and it does remind you of how crazy Cage and Cage was during Ally McBeal's time but they do have some good talent in the cast...it's so entertaining; 3) The witty script and also, the insightful story lines...you don't find a lot of that on TV anymore; 4)Jonny Lee Miller...did I already mention that?

Season 1 was been narrowed down into this five minute video. Watch:


  1. Love the Starter Kit almost as much as I love George Michael

  2. Me too, Mirtha! Eli Stone is one of the best shows! I love it when the Brits come and ROCK American TV