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09 November 2006

Hey it's MAL!

Have yet to watch two episodes of Lost (not today, maybe over the weekend)
But read this guy's the guest
Is it Spot the Firefly Cast Member Week this week?
Wash was on CSI
Inara was on How I Met Your Mother
and Mal's on Lost (as Kate's husband)
Why, oh why won't they just all get together and bring Firefly back?!

In another news. . . .

American Idol Season 6 will be back next year, January the 17th. It promises to have more talented singers than ever before daw. Read up: here

1 comment:

  1. Actually there is a very strong connection between Firefly and CSI that I can't explain yet. Aside from Wash, River, Simon, and Zoe have all guested on CSI before.