05 September 2011

Thanks, TV Gods for this Birthday Gift!

It takes little effort to make me happy.

And today, being my 38th bday, I take this scene from The X Factor (Australia) as the gift the gods of Television, where I'm one of its most religious and loyal followers (obviously!), sends me.

The gods know that I'd be super pleased to hear Ronan Keating singing a few phrases from his famous song. They know I'd be thrilled to hear him sounding so raw and unedited, without the benefit of recording studio synthesizers.

They know I'd swoon and pinch whoever was sitting next to me while I'm watching this. I didn't even mind that the actual person auditioning was so bad.

Best TV birthday present ever!

To quote Scary Spice (one of the other judges in this show): "Sexy always gets a yes!" And Ronan gets my vote.  He is through to the next round! :D