31 August 2011

TV in Development: A comedy with ex-90's girl-group!

The 90's, for me, was a time for growing up, getting perspective and gaining responsibilities.

A time when, while Reality Bites with Winona Ryder and Ethan Hawke was the coolest thing on film, I was getting my own dose of reality biting me.

 It was the decade I...
  • Graduated college. 
  • Got my first job. 
  • Thought of marriage. 
  • Nixed marriage. 
  • Broke hearts. 
  • Disappointed people. 
  • Stumbled. 
  • Found my path. 
  • Got a second chance.
  • Quit work
  • Gave birth. 
  • Got it all together.
  • Matured into motherhood.

It was also a time when I played Spice Girls' music a lot. I used to play this and have me and my toddler dancing to it till we're both tired. I used to rock my son to sleep singing one of their slower songs.

Although at that time, I think I would have never admitted to listening to Spice Up Your Life, or confess to watching their video of Wannabe everytime it ran on Studio23 and following their dance steps when no one was looking.

I think, back then, I wouldn't openly claim that I was affected when the group lost Ginger Spice.

Because only kids in school back then loved Spice Girls.

And in the 90's, I was definitely NOT a kid anymore.

I thought that girl bands were stupid and superficial, no matter if their music was catchy, their dance moves were fun and challenging, or that I sang 2 Become One in the shower a lot.

But who was I kidding? Their music was the soundtrack of my decade.

So, it thrilled me, no less, to read about this TV show under development, for the simple reason that --- I am this show's target market!!!

The plot?

A “super cool” 1990s all-girl band who, after 20 years of bad blood, tries to reunite though they’re no longer girls and no longer cool:

From The Hollywood Reporter

I'm already thinking about what this show's gonna be like!

If all goes well and this series is ordered to pilot, I have something new to look forward to by Fall of 2012!

It's time to bring back the zigazig-ha!