20 September 2011

Former Filipina TV Star Antoinette Taus in US Show, The Sing Off

I've been channeling Antoinette Taus since two weeks ago.  I keep telling people, coz I've been watching Vampire Diaries, that Nina Dobrev kinda looks like her on some angles. (And they'd disagree!)

To those who do not know who she is, Antoinette Taus was a TV star in the 90's here in the Philippines.

She had quite a following, if I remember correctly. But she migrated to the United States a few years back. I don't know the reason why she gave up her promising career as a star, and she has not been heard from since, except to clarify a few rumors in a press interview.

I watched her on TV back then, I have to admit.

Anyway...I had no idea I'd be seeing her again, and see her in this underrated singing contest, The Sing Off. (BEST! BEST! BEST! SINGING CONTEST EVER!!!)

Here she is, the smallest chick in the group, third from right, in boy shorts/hot pants:

Photo from Rickey.Org

Her group is called Kinfolk9 and I think that aside from Antoinette, there is one more Filipina in the their acapella choir.

Their group was almost eliminated today. Fortunately, they lived to see and sing again next week.

For more on the former TV actress, you can read this article from Manila Bulletin:
Antoinette Taus' a capella group to compete on 'The Sing-Off'

*I'm gonna try to upload their performance in a while. I'm supposed to be on hiatus, but could not resist watching this show...

Edit: Someone already uploaded a vid on Youtube:

The Sing Off is an acapella singing contest which is now on its 3rd Season. The show airs on NBC. In the Philippines, it will begin airing in the Velvet Channel on Skycable. Check your local listing for the schedule.

The Sing Off is the only singing contest on air today that brings me goosebumps, in each and every performance. They are all THAT GOOD!!!