07 September 2011

Hits and Misses of Summer TV 2011

The best and the worst of Summer TV...and I made my list! Here we go....

There were programs last year that fell apart for me. It was either because I found the storylines weak or losing direction, or the show just plainly sucked. But I gave it another chance and watched their new seasons this summer. And I'm glad I did! These shows belong to the "Most Improved" list:
  1. Covert Affairs Season 2 
  2. Pretty Little Liars Season 2 
  3. Drop Dead Diva Season 3 

Summer TV used to be all about reruns. But cable television is choosing this as a time to debut new programs, while network TV is on hiatus. Hence, taking a break from TV-watching isn't a good idea. I mean, at least for me. You can probably tell, I'm obsessed about checking new shows as soon as they air. But of the programs that premiered this summer, I gave these a try and said my goodbyes. It's just not for me:
  1. Teen Wolf 
  2. Nine Lives Of Chloe King 
  3. Necessary Roughness 
  4. Lying Game  
  5. Switched At Birth
I'm actually still undecided about #4 and #5. I might come back and continue watching these sometime. Like, in five years time.

What makes Summer TV suck? It's the fact that shows return a million years later. The hiatus in between is looooooooong. On the other hand, maybe the long break builds up the anticipation. Maybe it's designed to be that way, to get viewers wanting more. Anyway, I'm happy I've been sticking around and I've kept watching these summer pleasures over the years. These shows are consistently good:
  1. White Collar Season 3
  2. Burn Notice Season 5
  3. The Big C Season 2

Some folks find these shows weird and hard to watch. But I think it made my summer viewing livelier. Psychedelic is the best word that comes to mind when I think of these:
  1. Web Therapy
  2. Wilfred
  3. Louie
  4. Curb Your Enthusiasm

These shows started fine and were so fun to watch for a while. Their novelty eventually petered out, dwindling and becoming my background noise. I can forego hitting the pause button when these shows are on and I'm interrupted by something else. It's probably not the show's fault. It's probably me and my attention span. I am still going to watch these shows when they return next summer, though:
  1. Alphas
  2. Franklin & Bash
  3. Happily Divorced
  4. The Protector

And....the best reasons why Summer TV has been awesome? It's these three big shows below. Well-written, well-paced, no cardboard characters...they've made summer TV viewing so, so, so entertaining:



Rizzoli & Isles
What did you love or hate about Summer TV?