06 September 2011

Having a bad case of Vampire Fever

10 Days. That's how long I've got to finish watching all of what The Vampire Diaries have so far.

I don't really remember why I've stopped watching this show. From an entry back in 2009, I did say I liked the series premiere fine. I did say that I wasn't so sold on Paul Wesley being Stefan, just yet. But I did say I was gonna stick around for a few more episodes to see if the show was worth keeping on my list.

I didn't stick around.

And then I spent two years wondering why kids, particularly those hooked on the Teen Choice Awards, find this show so worthy of every recognition it belonged to.

If there's one thing I think I've learned about TV this year --- after finally giving in to Gossip Girl (hooked!!), staying put with Pretty Little Liars' second season (they've somehow got the story together now, yay!), and giving every summer series the ABC Family and MTV has come up with a peek or two (there've been lots, some have been fun to watch!) --- it's that I should never downplay how massive and influential the teen market is.

When something's huge with this market, it's not just about peer pressure and following what the trend dictates. There's got to be a very good reason why.

And from now on, I should sit up, observe and see what the kids are raving about on TV. Lest, I miss something good on it.

Like The Vampire Diaries.

I finished the first season late last night by going on about how cool this show is so many times.

When a show has gotten me hooked, I could watch it for hours without being aware of how much time flew by. I surprised myself when I discovered that I had almost gone through the first season in barely a day.

The Vampire Diaries is messy. It is madness. But it is also told in such a controlled way, I've got to commend the way its narrative is written.

In the first season, there were plenty of mysteries and cliffhangers to keep me glued to my seat (or my bed, as it was), holding my breath. But the progression of the story didn't go so extensively as to make me feel stupid and exhausted...like Lost and Heroes did. (But I will love, love Lost, no matter how much it has jerked me around!)

I knew I was so hooked last night when I found myself checking a Vampire Diaries Wikia and going through entries, trying to learn more of its mythology, and feeling like a child dumped inside a kids' hands-on museum. That's hard to do, considering I didn't want to spoil myself too much. So it's like I've been torturing myself with snippets of wiki information here and there.

I knew I was hooked when I started seeing why Paul Wesley is perfect for Stefan. For the record, I watched Paul Wesley's previous show, Fallen (where he played an angel on earth), laughing the entire time. That show somehow gave me this impression that he was trying too hard to be emo (because emo is what supernaturals are). I no longer consider him as the weakest link to The Vampire Diaries.

I knew I was hooked because I started watching old Youtube video clips of cast interviews.

I will be starting with Season 2 later today. From what I've read so far, it's going to get even better. And I've yet to come across Klaus (so excited!).

10 days. That's how long before the third season starts.

I know this show has gotten me so hooked because I cannot wait to watch it already!