10 September 2011

"Now get the fuck out of my face." HAH!

I've been following Deadline Hollywood for several years now. It's managed by a feisty entertainment journalist named Nikki Finke.

Since I'm on the other side of the world, I know little, nor care about who she is in the industry.  But I keep reading her site because information there is exclusive and first-hand. And she writes about what goes on behind the scenes, something which people don't usually read in press releases or other sites.

I've come across how many times Ms. Finke took issues about her, and not a certain TV or movie production, to her site by writing her replies to her "enemies" in the industry. Case in point? Her post from today:

From Deadline

She's the only one who can get away with writing, "Now get the fuck out of my face." and address this to bigwigs or kings of Hollywood with their army of lawyers.

She makes no qualms of the fact that she has plenty enemies. Nor does she hold back or favor people, just because of who they are.

Like many who follow her, I get a kick out of reading her site, especially when she's like this. Although I don't necessarily agree on some of the points raised when she's on the rampage (and I don't necessarily understand these right away, too!), I have to say that ---- I think that I learned a lot of how television runs from reading her site and the comments that follow after the reports. I learned about broadcasting, PR and production from Deadline, more than I could ever learn in college. Seriously.

Years following Deadline, it's pretty clear to me she is more than just a Hollywood insider.

And the reason I'm blogging about this now is because, sometime ago, there was a TV development deal that was inspired by Nikki Finke. Someone wanted to make a TV series based on her and it would have starred Diane Keaton, but that deal fell through at some point.

The show was supposed to run on HBO and was going to be called Tilda.

Screencapped from FutonCritic

I was looking forward to watching that. Too bad.

You know what else is interesting?

No one knows what Ms. Finke looks like to this very day, they say.  I mean, people in Hollywood do get to talk to her in person, I think. For how else would she be able to get those exclusives?

But no one has come out to post recent photos of her, or discuss whether or not they've had coffee with her last week. She has no profile anywhere, except on her site, which is only about her work. No one knows what she's like apart from work. The only photo she has online is this portrait shot of her, which I guess was taken from the 70's.

That TV show based on her MUST happen!