10 September 2011

"The Big C" gets a 3rd Season | Charity Blog for Cancer Awareness

I'll get to the TV news first before talking about the real important stuff...

The Big C, which stars Laura Linney as a cancer-striken wife, mother and teacher, has been renewed for a third season, with 10 episodes. It will premiere sometime summer next year.

Currently on its sophomore year,  the final episode of the second season will air on Sept. 26.

The show is classified as a comedy series. Yes,  someone actually thought being terminally-ill is funny, and decided it would make a good story for television.

And what a good story it is!

Thanks in part to a brilliant performance by Laura Linney, who has been nominated at the Emmy's for Best Actress for her role as Cathy.

Linney has a big chance of actually winning the award (we'll know this coming Sept. 18, when the Emmy's air). In fact, last January, the Golden Globes did name her as Best Actress in a Comedy Series for this show.

From IMDb
This series is amusing and yes, it does present plenty of moments that will make you laugh. But there's also plenty to learn from this show, especially about how families and patients deal with the disease.

It has its emotional moments, as well.

I wrote this entry about the show back in November:

I still cry the same amount of tears when I watch this video.

Anyway...so, yeah. If you haven't watched The Big C yet, you've got lotsa time to catch up. Each episode runs 30 minutes, with 12 episodes per season.

And on to the actual reason why I had to write this entry...

Life and Fever came up with this amazing idea and bless her soul for it!

She is helping organize an event for cancer patients and survivors this December, so please follow her blog for updates on this.

I'm doing my little part to raise awareness, but we could all do so much more by sending in donations to this event, thru Paypal ID doc_alma_jones (at) yahoo (dot) com.

I'm also blogging about this to meet a goal: Life and Fever (Stef) will donate one ProSure formula to CanShare for every 10 blog entries about this event.

I'm encouraging the rest of you who keep a blog to read into the mechanics: Charity Blogging for Cancer Awareness and post away!

We've all joined blog contests at one time or another, hoping to actually win the prize. This time, someone else gets to win it. Someone who truly deserves to be rewarded. And all you have to do is spread the word.

If you don't have a blog, please post this on your Facebook or Twitter profile.

A lot of people would be grateful for it. =)