30 September 2011

Charlie's Angels 2011: Of Angels and Goofs

Among my cousins and I, I don't exactly remember how I got to be Sabrina Duncan when we pretended to be Charlie's Angels when we were kidsThis was in the early 80's and we tuned to the series weekly then because of the girls, and hardly about the stories.

I remember that Sabrina was quite tomboyish and spunky. But the closest thing I had in common with her was the hair.

Anyway, she became my favorite Angel. I had memories of Saturday afternoons playing with my cousins, pretending our hands were guns and  that we were chasing after imaginary bad guys. And we also called each other by our Charlie's Angels names. Good times!

When Kate Jackson left the series, my cousins and I were heartbroken because we knew that eventually, this group was breaking up.

So, when I learned that Drew Barrymore was producing the show and rebooting this for Fall 2011, I was thrilled, but slightly worried. Reboots almost always don't turn out alright, as TV history will show. So, I didn't form any expectations.

The new Charlie's Angels had its debut last Sept. 22nd.

And...I was not impressed.

I felt that the pilot was a drag and that it had more style than substance. But then again, I think that the original show back then was pretty much like that, too. (But I was too young to take note of it.)

However, in this new group that stars Minka Kelly, Rachael Taylor and Annie Illonzeh, I was drawn to Rachael from the get go. I thought that she was very much like how I remembered the Angels back then --- with pretty physical features, a tenacious personality and an attitude oozing with confidence.

I also think that she is the most credible actress of the three girls. The show's second episode, which aired this week, proved this.

Rachael's character (Abby) was to go undercover as a model who is down on her luck. She had the task of sharing her (sob) story to their target/suspect without raising suspicion and quite effortlessly, Rachael/Abby pulled this off. Abby is turning out to be my favorite Angel.

But, I also like Minka Kelly because I have an attachment for anyone who's ever been on Friday Night Lights. 

I find that Annie Illonzeh is the weakest, both as an actress and as an Angel. I find her boring and unconvincing (so far, maybe she'll get better?). I was glad they cut her background story immediately this week (too cliche!).

Anyway, I noticed two goofs while watching Charlie's Angels today. This has little to do with the show, overall, but it's too fun not to share.

SCENE 1: This is the scene where Abby had to pretend she's been thrown out of her apartment by her roommate coz she can't pay rent.  The Angels were trying to hook this woman, as part of their investigation, and that's their cover story.

Sob, sob, cry, cry...where will I live?
Abby's new friend pulls something out of her clothes.
This is the wardrobe she and Abby were modelling for this shoot.
What could it be?
Ta-dah!!!! A calling card!!! Why does this wardrobe even come with a pocket??
It's too soft and thin to hold anything. Well, okay, except a calling card!!!
And who carries around a calling card while wearing clothes that aren't theirs???  
I guess she does. For emergency situations.
Such as, when a pretty model who's down on her luck comes sobbing to her,
with no place to go.

SCENE 2: Again of Abby, now sleuthing around her new friend's place...

She's wearing the right shoes for prowling on windows. 
...and terraces.
But as soon as she reaches the room...
Ta-daaaah!! Heels on her shoes!
Did she have one of the Angels wait for her by that door
with her other pair ?

Have you been following the new Charlie's Angels? How are you liking it so far?