29 September 2011

Where To Find Songs Played In TV Shows

While catching up on Ringer tonight, I realized that I was more drawn to the songs that were played on the show, rather than what's happening to the story. Anyone who is following the series would probably agree that Ringer's got really cool background music. I don't know the titles for most of it (yeah, ALL of it!) and I'd normally google it up.  But sometimes searching can be tricky.

Then I rememberd that a few years back, I discovered Tunefind while searching for a TV series' soundtrack.

I haven't been to the site in awhile. And I thought that it would no longer be updated, because...seriously, who'd have time to track each and every song played in TV's and movies?

But then again, what do I know? I underestimated Tunefind.

Coz when I checked a while ago, I was surprised to see that Ringer's song list from the most recent episode is already there.

And apparently, Tunefind's people do have all the resources to keep it up to date! How clever!

I like that there's even a short description of what scene the song was actually used for.  It did not used to list that. It's so organized and easy to navigate, too.

If you find yourself liking a song you've heard from a TV show? No sweat. You only have to Tunefind it and you're all set. If you can't find a particular song though, you can ask or request from the people who run the site.

Tunefind is also on Facebook.

Pretty, pretty cool, huh?