25 September 2011

Back From Hiatus! Back To Watching Too Much TV!

For about three days, I was without anything remotely connected to television.

I was with good friends. And we were were out of the hotel most of the time. And the only time the subject of TV came up, was when we briefly talked about The Good Wife or kept the TV on while we were dressing up and preparing to leave for the day.

Most shows premiered the week I went on a short vacation. I still need lotsa rest and I've been nursing a fever as a result of fatigue. The vacation --- which involved a lot of walking, shopping, walking, eating out  walking and staying up late --- took its toll on my body. I'm not complaining. I just wish I still have the stamina of a 16 year old.

Anyway, fever and fatigue aside, I immediately got caught up with TV upon my return home. I watched over a dozen programs, and I still have plenty more backlogs to finish.

Of these shows though, I've instantly taken a liking to the comedy 2 Broke Girls and the drama show Person of Interest.  I did not like Whitney as much as the trailer made it to be funny. And it's interesting because Whitney Cummings, who stars in Whitney, is also behind the show 2 Broke Girls. She stars in the other one and produces or writes (?) the latter. I guess it's safe to say, that I think she's better off working behind the scenes.

I'm still undecided on the rest of the new programs. I'll give it all three more weeks before I decide which ones I'll drop. However, from what I've seen --- Charlie's Angels was not that impressive and I think Playboy Club has promise. I just have to learn to like its Don Draper clone. I'm passing on Free Agents, as well as Prime Suspect. I did not like their original British versions to begin with. Although the British Free Agents, I have to say, was way, way, way funnier than the American version.

Of the returning shows that premiered this week, Modern Family was solid, as was Community; while I was a bit disappointed with Raising Hope. I loved Castle's Season 4 opening, while Hawaii Five-O seemed to lose its luster. (I hope not!) I still have to get to the rest of those returning drama shows.

For more on first impressions of the new season, you can follow my GetGlue profile here.

NY Mag also has an interesting piece on its assessment of TV's first premiere week. Week 2 starts tomorrow. While you're reading up about that, be sure to read Bargain Life's take on Extreme Couponing.

I'm off to end this night watching more returning shows.