18 September 2011

We Are On A Break...

Going on a short hiatus this week....the one week most TV season premieres start. Yes, I'm going to miss a loooot of shows. I've been looking forward to the new seasons since they all ended in May.

What's bigger and more important than TV premieres? Big enough, it succeeded in having me take a TV break?

I've got my girlfriends over. Friends I've known since... forever. They flew in from my hometown.

So, I'm setting aside fictional friends on TV this week to be with them --- my life-long forever friends. =) And I'll be avoiding sites, tweets and Facebook updates for spoilers all week....if I can help it.

Please go easy on the TV-watching.

I'll catch up over the weekend and burn my eyes watching some 17 shows till then. (I actually counted what shows I will be missing!)