22 May 2010

Please Don't Let Your Grandmas Sing This!

Let me just say first of all that Liza Minnelli earned my admiration when I saw her mentor kids from last season's Australian Idol. She is beyond awe-inspiring and performed the famous Cabaret number like the total pro that she is. I'm not a fan but after watching her, I have no doubt she is one of the greatest performers of our time.

That being said...not all great performers can be great at everything. Liza Minnelli is a Broadway legend. However, she isn't ever, ever gonna cut it singing this:

You know what this sounds like? Somebody's grandmother singing in the shower, with the water too cold. Or somebody handing out the microphone to grandma at the wedding, when grandma had too much drink to care.

This is from the Sex and City 2 Movie soundtrack. I think Liza is going to be in the movie, doing this bit with the other four women.

Whatever possessed anyone to think this was a good idea?

Do you like what you're hearing?

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