29 May 2010

New Show: 100 Questions

Was able to check out this new comedy series, 100 Questions, from NBC early today. It makes sense to have this show on during the Summer season because if pitted against the heavy weights of Fall TV? 100 Questions would be eaten alive.

This is your typical dating series, where one person wishes to find "the one" and needs to consort with a troop of friends to survive every dating horror she goes through.

You know the drill. You've seen the formula on Friends, How I Met Your Mother and just about any relationship-angled single camera "friendship" series you've ever watched.

It's called 100 Questions because, apparently, if you enlist a dating service to find you the right mate, you would have to answer 100 compatibility and dating questions that will be logged into your profile.

With only one episode aired so far, I can't decide whether to see through this show until it's pulled off the air. I don't even know how far this is in production although I believe it's only a summer filler, with less than 10 episodes.

Anyway, here are 15 questions I've come up with to assess my first impression of the pilot episode. I originally thought of coming up with a 100, then realized that would be hard, so I figured...25. Then I found that is so hard to do, too. (I guess that should tell you something!) So, I'm down to 15:

1. Where have I seen the lead character, Charlotte?
2. Why is her aura so snotty?
3. Is it because of her British accent?
4. Why does this series remind me a lot of Coupling?
5. Why is this show painfully un-funny?
6. Who is Christopher Moynihan?
7. Why are people looking forward to this series coz of him?
8. Why is his character the least funny?
9. Why do they have that annoying laugh track?
10. Why did James Burrows direct this average series?
11. Why is the pilot episode's storyline so old?
12. Am I watching a show from 1994?
13. What's with New York, where the show is set?
14. Can't people in New York find love?
15. What a cute intro! (Alright, not a question!)

Here's a peek. This is an old clip, I gather, since some actors have been replaced in the pilot episode that aired the other day:

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