20 May 2010

Shit My Dad Says!!! Promo Video

I was following this guy Justin on Twitter the other year. He'd write down all these crazy stuff his 60-something father would say. The dad was funny, without meaning to and without realizing that he's funny.

Some thousand plus followers later, the Dad's already an Twitter sensation. Justin cuts a deal with CBS and turns this Twitter account into a TV show. He has also released a book with the same title and of this, his dad actually said (as per Justin's tweet):
"YOU, a published writer?..Internet don't count. Any asshole can throw shit up on there." (Book On Sale Today!) http://tinyurl.com/yc79h4l 
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The Twitter account is called Shit My Dad Says. The TV show will be called $#*! My Dad Says, but will be pronounced BLEEP My Dad Says. The series will star William Shatner as the Dad.

Here's the promo video:

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