23 May 2010

Lonestar and James Wolk: Buzzwords for Fall TV 2010

With 24 out of their list this fall, Fox is determined to keep their viewers tuned in to their drama shows by bringing a series everyone's saying is inspired by Dallas.

I was too young to be into Dallas when it was still on TV and although it ran for about two decades (till '91), it wasn't what I wanted to watch ---  a soap opera involving old people and rich families. But yes, Dallas was big, especially in America. And so, banking on familiarity, it made sense to do a show like it today.

This new show is called Lonestar, which, like Dallas, is also set in Texas. It's about this good-looking, charming, charismatic con artist who also happens to be a bigamist.

To make things interesting, the series also stars Jon Voight, who, if I remember reading correctly, really wanted to do this TV series.

The series is also directed by Marc Webb, who is critically hailed for his film, 500 Days of Summer.

The icing on the cake to Lonestar is this newcomer, James Wolk, who is described as a young George Clooney, a good-looking leading man material. In the next few months, James Wolk will probably be a name and a face you will constantly see in magazines and websites.

Check out this trailer to Lonestar and tell me if you don't find this man magnetizing. As we say it over here - "Smile pa lang, ulam na!" (Translation: YUMMY! LOL!) ---

Those who know TV well are already predicting this will be a hit, given all the spices I've just enumerated above. Personally, I don't know what to make of this yet. I find it will be heavily serious, dramatic and dark.

Lonestar will air alongside House on Fox.

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