22 May 2010

I interrupt the program for... some outpouring of my sentiments... :P

This should be my very first entry for Team Carnival. I'm choosing to post on the topic of online friendships here on my TV blog because this is where my friendship with some of the most fascinating, admirable, caring, sensible and nicest people I've met on the internet started.

You don't exactly expect to click with online strangers or people you only know through usernames and alter-egos. You spend your time on the internet thinking that life offline is so much different, so you compartmentalize between the two.

But, as it was the case with mine, some of these strangers became more than just people's nicknames I exchanged thoughts, likes and dislikes about TV shows. Eventually, our discussion and exchanges diverted to other things like family, relationships, fashion, food, angst, politics and anything under the sun.  In five or so years of chatting up with these faceless people....I got to know more about them and they got to know more about me.

The biggest measure to our "friendship" online happened when, during those times when I almost had a breakdown, they were there for me. Seriously. All I needed to do was send some of them an email or a private message and they listened. I wouldn't know how I would be able to cope, if not for their messages of encouragement and support left inside my inbox or the comments section of my "getting through it" journal. They've been partly the reason why I'm still sane after all that I've been through. :) These people are my cheering squad and I'd like to believe I'm also part of their own cheering squad.

Genuine friendships can happen online. I used to not believe in this so much because everyone knows there are a lot of loons on the internet. These online friends I have? They prove that it's not always the case.  They are no longer faceless people with mysterious usernames.  And our relationships are no longer limited to talking about why we think Lost is the greatest show on T, or Jack Bauer is the coolest, or why we cheer for our bets on Idol, or cry with the Walkers, and so and and so forth.

These online friends are now people I truly care about.

I wouldn't need to mention it, but you know who you are. All of you are on my Plurk and some are in my Facebook. :)

I'm very grateful for each and everyone of you. So very, very grateful! You're all the reason why it's good the internet was invented.  If not for it....then it might take me awhile to learn there are cool people like you out there for me to befriend.

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