28 May 2010

"OMG My Life Is Ruined!"

This viral video has been going around humor and pop culture sites since this morning, featuring a viewer's reaction to Lee's win on American Idol. The lady in this video is a Crystal fan and suffice to say, she wasn't very pleased when Ryan Seacrest announced the winner.

I'd like to think I don't react the same way when I watch some of my favorite programs. But, shamefully, I do freak out in front of the TV, too (albeit a tad milder than this!).

Watch the drama below:

I didn't follow this year's Idol Top 12, unfortunately (fortunately for me?). After Alex Lambert's surprising boot during Top 24, I just lost interest. I've pegged Crystal to win it though, because very early on she was already peaking. But Lee was someone I also rooted for during the initial rounds. So, none of the results surprised me anymore.

I think I've had enough of this show.

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