25 May 2010

Shutting Down Jack Bauer

I'm still reeling from the fact that Jack Shepherd and the rest of the Losties have "gone and made peace" or something so after watching the final episode of 24 today, my chest is still tight with grief.

I've been watching this series since Day 1. Though I admit, Days 5, 6 & 7 were not this series' best stories, and Day 8 started off shaky and uneven, these final moments were excellently played out.

I know there might be a movie in the works, so it was a good thing Jack is not actually dead or is going to that special place to meet everyone who's died on the show.

But dead, alive,  limping, on the run or otherwise? Thank you very much, 24 writers, for the hero that is Jack Bauer! It will be awhile before someone as kick-ass as him comes to wow me on television again.

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