28 May 2010

An Alias Reboot?

Although details are still unconfirmed, there is a report about a possible reboot of the early 2000 spy series, Alias, which starred Jennifer Garner. Created by JJ Abrams, who has another spy series set to premiere this fall (Undercovers, NBC), Alias ran for a good five seasons before it was canceled in 2006. The series had earned quite a few recognition while it was still on, including acting nominations for Garner and one writing nomination for Abrams for the pilot episode. The series ran on ABC, which this week, loses Lost and Flashforward in their line-up. (Lost ended its six season run, Flashforward has been canceled after one run).

The report goes on to say that the network (ABC) is focused on "holding on to its Lost audience" with this apparent rework. FACT: JJ Abrams used to be tied to Lost in the earlier seasons, which is probably why they are banking on this marketability.

What do you think of this reboot? I actually haven't seen all of Alias' episodes and while I long to see more of these ass-kicking female secret agents on TV, I would much rather watch something new than a reboot.

Speaking of kick-ass female secret agents, The CW has Nikita in their line-up this fall. More on that in another blog post later.

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