26 May 2010

New Show: Pretty Little Liars

Kicking off June 8, Pretty Little Liars, is based on this young adult book series written by Sara Shepard. There are expected ten episodes for this, filling up the summer schedule for Tuesday nights via ABC Family.

The series stars four 16 year old girls played by Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell, Janel Parrish and Lucy Hale, who I last saw on Privileged. Holly Marie Combs is also in this show, and she will play Lucy Hale's character's mom.

The story is a lot similar to countless of teen stories you may have already watched or read ---- a group of young girls, all popular and cliquish, loses one of its members tragically. She is presumed dead and with her dying, she has supposedly kept all of the girls serious and mundane secrets.

Fast forward to three years later and those who remain all receive mysterious messages from an equally mysterious person who threatens to expose the secrets that they keep. Some of these secrets are apparently very controversial.

Here is the trailer to Pretty Little Liars:

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