19 May 2010

And we're back on air again and again and again...First offering: MR. SUNSHINE!

Dear Folks,

After a long, much-needed hiatus, I'm back in business!

I've been thinking about re-opening this blog for a couple of days. My new-found enthusiasm for it has been awakened, courtesy of the deluge of new TV programs I'm very eager to watch in the following months. I needed to bring this blog back so I can scream, rave and rant about this new show I'm watching.

It took a Matthew Perry to finally convince myself to open this blog again. Watching the trailer of his new show this morning, I decided: it's time. Like I've always done the past four years, I'm gonna have to commit to updating this blog regularly. There's just too much TV to watch out there, and I've got too many things to say about it, whether you'd like to read about it or not.

So, first on the list is, of course, Matthew Perry's Mr. Sunshine. Perry was to star in a cable series called, End Of Steve, but that project has been shelved....which is too bad, because it was supposed to be uncensored and am supposed to actually watch Perry swearing and acting like a jerk.

But, since he's doing this now, I'm just happy he's back on TV.

I've watched the trailer a couple of times since this morning and I think there's a winner there. The only problem? The comedy's quite "intelligent". An average US TV viewer may not warm up to it right away, ergo, ratings may not pick up, ergo, the show could be in jeopardy by mid-season.

But that's thinking ahead. It's not even September and I'm already predicting the fate of this show (by all accounts, I suck at these predictions. I can't even guess the winner of American Idol right!)

Anyway, two other reasons why I think I'm gonna love Mr. Sunshine other than Matthew Perry: 1) Allison Janney and 2) director Thomas Schlamme.

This is quality TV A+++++.

Here's the three minute trailer: