30 March 2007

TV Round-Up

I'd like to start of by saying --- How I hate 2007! >:( I knew at the beginning of this year that it won't be a very good year for me. And the first quarter, which ends tomorrow, is proof of that. Without getting into too many details, coz 1) it's boring, 2) I'm starting to get other readers other than you two :) that I'm now wary of "sharing too much" (and yet I keep a blog! Ha! The irony!) :P

Anyway, moving on... I don't know whether its fate or because I expected this year to be bad (and so I'm attracting all these negativity), the fact of the matter is, I have not been getting really good breaks. For the last ten years, I've lived by this principle of allowing "things to fall where they may" and it worked for awhile. But look where I am now, where it got me.

In limbo.

Unsecured, vulnerable, verging on desperate.

I have to turn my luck around. I have to learn to think positive and attract positive energy. I have to do away with worries and instead hope for the best. I have to put in my head that my troubles are the least bit problematic compared to the rest of the world.

I'll start doing that the day after tomorrow. Haha! Why until then? Coz it makes sense to start something new on April 1st ---- it's a new week, a new month, a new quarter, new opportunities, yes? So, I have until tomorrow to sulk and feel bad. Sunday will hopefully bring the new me. (I hope!)

Anyway, talking about TV this time. What have I been watching the last few weeks since my last entry? Not too many actually. Much of my time has been on Pinoy Big Brother. Yes, that show again! :D I never miss it. Don't ask me to explain (in defense hehe) why I am so into this one. It's something I'm not even ashamed to admit, despite my own family's obvious dislike of the show. Between the hours of 10PM-11PM not one member in my family will be able to get a decent conversation from me because I'm glued to it. They would often catch me crying when I watch an emotional moment unfold inside the house. And I would often hear them saying: "Mommy, ang baduy mo!" like it's the worst thing in the world. Queber. I have, however, foregone subscribing to the live feeds. Big Brother puts the HMs to task, I am also putting myself in one --- to see how much I can resist it. So far, so good. Hooray for me. :) Photo courtesy of this site

I think part of the reason why I like this show very much is because I get to practice being a quack psychologist. Because back in the day, I would've been one had my parents not told me there is no money in psychology especially in this country (that was in 1990). Now 17 years later, with my father going into therapy (he has what Tony Soprano experiences --- panic attacks) and with these stressful times we live in, I can't help but think that.... damn I should have just went with my first choice and persisted with this in college. Anyway, I can't turn back time now, can't I? Today, I just put to practice behavior principles on my son. And also a few other people who have no idea what I'm doing to them. Sssshhhh.

A couple of months back, there was this big buzz about Jennifer Aniston guest appearing in Courtney Cox's TV Show Dirt. The news went on to say that these two friends were supposedly sharing an intimate kiss in the show and naturally, that created quite a stir. Monica and Rachel were going to kiss! I have not been watching Dirt dutifully because to be honest, I just don't get it and I just don't buy CC's acting power here. But I did wait for this episode and see the kiss for myself.

Frankly... it was just... much ado about nothing. That was it?? Color me disappointed. But, on the brighter side, I'm glad to see JA back on TV, even for just this show. Clearly between the two friends, she is the better actress.

After 10 episodes Rome Season 2 has ended last Sunday, with my favorite character leaving a mark with me for delivering the most touching scene. In this photo, we have Atia, mother of Rome's ruler Gaius Octavius Caesar, trying to hide how much she is mourning the death of her lover Mark Anthony (Octavius' enemy). There were no words said, just eyes speaking. It was very moving.

It's just too bad this is Rome's final season, when a show like this should have served as an equalizer to all those other trashy shows I watch :D. HBO has deemed to cancel the series after 2 seasons. But then, in place of it, is another series I should look forward to --- A Song of Fire & Ice. I'm optimistic it will be another good HBO offering.

And in American Idol....

What in Flock of Seagulls name was this look?

And have you seen this?

Video uploaded by kimmelscorner

He might actually win this thing though. And what a waste it would be for the likes of Melinda, Blake, Jordin and Lakisha, if Sanjaya ends up being the 7th American Idol. Although, I pity the kid. He's got so many detractors. And all he wants is just to sing. It must take a lot of courage to be in that stage week after week, wondering what people are gonna say next.

You joined the show to early, kid. You should have been riped five years from now. Anyway, Chris "Hurley" Sligh was voted off. And I'm losing interest with this season.

Finally, I will end this entry with a scene from this week's House...Guess who got caught without his shirt on? Whoohooo!

Okay, we've got doctors with relationship angles in the story lines now. But based on this week's episode and the many times I've laughed, this show is far from getting all Grey's Anatomy like. House still got it.