10 March 2007

The Wedding Bells

David E. Kelly has lost his touch. That's not breaking news, it should be a very well known fact by now. But this latest drama (or comedy, I don't know what exactly) just confirms it even more.

The Wedding Bells is about three sister named Jane Bell, Annie Bell and Sarah Bell (yes, you can laugh now!) and they run The Wedding Palace, which is like a one-stop shop for anything related to weddings. (Cool business idea!)

Jane is the OC sister, the organizer who even plans the exact time she should have sex with her husband.

Annie is sister ice-queen, who doesn't show an ounce of emotion, especially not when her ex, the wedding photographer, is around.

Sammy is the youngest, the carefree one, who, for fun, has one night stands with best men at The Wedding Palace's staff room.

Sounds cliche? You betcha!

The pilot episode tells how the sisters and their band of wedding people deal with Bridezilla (played by Missy Pyle). It left me unamused or unsympathetic. There's no heart to this episode, I'm afraid. It wasn't easy watching the show. And that's too bad because I like Teri Polo (Jane Bell) lots.

Nicholle Tom
(girl on right, in this photo) appears as another bride-to-be gate crashing Bridezilla's wedding/wedding preparations. You might remember her as the eldest daughter in The Nanny. Or the eldest daughter in the movie, Beethoven. I look at her in this photo with astonishment and disbelief.

Which is the astonishment and disbelief I feel for this show in general.

The Wedding Bells
Season 1 Episode 1 - For Whom The Bells Toll
Original Airing: March 7, 2006
Network: Fox