08 March 2007

Threshold (not the TV Show)

...because I've yet to really sit down and watch that.

I think I've reached a threshold for watching too much TV this past weeks. Like bad food, everything seems highly synthetic or lacking in flavor that it feels nothing is good enough for me now. Lately, to borrow Randy Jackson's dafty line on American Idol --- I'm not WOWed enough anymore.

It could be because of so many things:

TV related --- 1) the 10 days I wasn't able to go online seems to have broken my momentum; 2) TV shows are going on hiatus here and there; 3) I could be giving priority to the wrong series, having decided I'll delay watching 24, Prison Break and Lost to maybe Holy Week. Of course, this results to a less adrenalin-pumping TV viewing, which means my nerves are calmer, but may also mean I get very little excitement since there's little to cheer or veer about.

Non TV-related --- which I won't mention, it's not interesting.

Maybe I'm having a TV burnout. Yes, maybe that's what it is. Now is perhaps the time to get back to my seasonal reading (coz I only read books like one particular time every four months or so hee!). After all, my brain has had enough junkfood, eh?

Or I could be one of those viewers Tim Kring (creator of Heroes) was describing in an interview the other week; the kind of "very fickle audience that can get swayed by anything shiny and new," he says. And in my case, the season's not even done yet and already, I'm looking for new shows to watch. (Ohh, I read Raines is pretty different!)

Whatever it is, there's a part of me that does not like to watch the shows I'm watching right now.

That's a first.