13 March 2007

It's summer! We're reading the Bible

Today is my son's last day of school. Tomorrow officially marks summer for us in this household. Tomorrow, I shall wake up rather late than my usual 430am, hooray! But starting tomorrow, I'll have my boy on my back the whole day...the whole summer. Nyikes. There are no official summer activities lined up. No basketball clinics, no swimming or things like that. This year, my son vows to play video games all summer long. :D And I expect him to be bugging me every hour. There is a possibility of a short out of town trip. Dad, my husband, will be out of the house/town most of the time but if we don't tag along, it's pretty much just the boy and myself in the house.

But there's one thing I intend to do with my son on this long vacation. This may be out of the ordinary and if my friends find out about it, I'm sure they're going to have this astonished look on their faces: My son and I are going study the bible together. I am not being blasphemous, it's not joke. We started last night, 5 stories. And I made a pact with him, we'll read 5 stories each night.

We were watching The Nativity Story on DVD earlier this week and I realized my son knows very little about stories from the Good Book compared to what I know when I was his age (Thanks to Superbook & Flying House! I kinda miss these shows...). It does not help that he attends a non-sectarian school while I, in my younger years, attended one run by nuns. (In fact, the running joke in those days was that we had been praying too much, surely our souls would be going beyond heaven! Lampas na kami sa langit!)

Anyways...yep, Bible study. This isn't probably fun for a 9 year old. But I really think we have to. Problem is, I can't tell a really good story, so God help me (no, really, God help me please!). The stories from the Bible are beautiful but I'm sure my son's mind will be wandering off after story #3 therefore, I have to do my best to hold his interest. It sure would help if there were copies of Superbook and Flying House on DVD. Know where I can get them? :)