08 March 2007

Kwento kwento

- Want so badly to watch Frank Miller's 300 in the movie house this time. This is the type of movie better appreciated on the big screen and I've been waiting for this since last year.

- Trying my best to resist subscribing to Pinoy Big Brother's live feeds. Now that there are plenty of them in the house, personalities are coming out and are clashing. This seems to be the perfect time to get feeds. But watching it takes a chunk of my time, I'm afraid I might not really be able to do anything. I am quite disappointed though that there's no housemate older than 26. Why is that? They don't find 30somethings interesting anymore?

- What about tonight's American Idol, huh? Ladies night = best night, as always. Paula Abdul sounded sober. Even her hair is tame.

- I couldn't get through Black Donnellys second episode this week. I've tried watching three times, I fell asleep every time. The pilot was very promising, sadly the follow-up wasn't. Or this could be the result of this burnout I'm feeling. (see post earlier)

- I changed my Who's Viewed Profile at Friendster to non-anonymous. And instantly... hah! I caught someone looking at my profile! Someone who shouldn't be looking in the first place. :P

- Got another childhood photo from a friend of mine there (Friendster). She's been diligently digging up old photos. Dumarami tuloy ang pang blackmail sa akin. :D Look it:

That's me, encircled in blue. I think I'm the smallest 4 year old at that party. Ako naman ang laging pinaka-maliit eh! :P But look, see that face? That aura? Mukhang mabait na bata no? Hehehe.