21 March 2007

Some things aren't fine

- I have very little to be happy about these days. But my woes are also too insignificant if I compare it to others. So, will not dwell on it except to say that --- at the start of the year, I have been dreading 2007 because I felt it wasn't gonna be a good year. And the 3rd month is almost over, my bad luck has not changed. Haaay. Things come to pass, I know. My new mantra should be: it will soon be over, it will soon be over, it will soon be over.

- Watched The Wedding Bell's second episode. I'm sticking around for Teri Polo, who I think deserves to stay on TV longer. She had a really promising TV Show in 2003 called I'm With Her, a premise ala-Notting Hill but was inspired by Brooke Shield's life. It was canceled abruptly, leaving loose ends. And I'm thinking The Wedding Bells will end the same way. The 2nd episode was all David Kelly. It was about a couple convincing people around them, the bride's dad especially, that they were indeed a real couple in love and would like to get married each other. Why people wonder about them is because the guy acts gay (wears something feathery around his neck, loves purple, is surrounded by drag queen friends) but claims he isn't. It reminded me a lot of an Ally McBeal episode, even down to the dancing bit.

- Watched Babel, Brad Pitt's movie. I think it's the only movie of Alejandro González Iñárritu's that I've appreciated. For all its complex story telling, the message is actually just really simple: understanding each other, despite communication and cultural barriers. Great movie.

Okay... am off to immense myself in work, the real kind, the kind that pays the bills.