31 March 2007

It will never run out...

Ever wonder what TV will be like 10 years from now? In the advent of streaming, torrents, Youtube and millions like it sprouting everywhere, would conventional TV viewing still exist in the next decade? Would established productions keep developing new shows, year after year?

From the way things look, and from this recent list of upcoming TV shows, we may never run out of something interesting to watch. And of course, for someone like me, that should be a good thing!

Here below are some more TV shows we can look forward to in the next twelve months. . .

The CW
It is a comedy; a behind the scenes look at a racing Reality TV Series.
Commitment: Ordered to pilot
Cast: Brianna Brown (Noelle), Johann Urb (Rick), Jonathan Chase (Michael), Jud Tylor (Dottie), Kevin Christy (Ronnie), Kyle Bornheimer (Nick), Rick Hall (Calvin)

I guess this show is inspired The Amazing Race?

Speaking of The Amazing Race, Oprah teams up with its creators to mount her own Reality TV show:

"10 people are handed money and resources and then challenged to find dramatic and emotional ways to use them to help others."
Commitment: Ordered to series, with 8 episodes

It's Amazing Race meets Pay It Forward.

"A documentary-style comedy about a typical suburban family"
Commitment: Ordered to pilot
Cast: Amanda Detmer (Sharon), Logan Grove (Tyler), Paul F. Thompkins (Rob)

Hmmm. . . sounds like I've already seen something like this before.

"A comedy about a high-flying Wall Street guy (Jason Biggs) who dies in a Blackberry-related car crash only to be sent back stripped of his career, his fancy apartment and the fabulous trappings of his former existence."
Commitment: Ordered to pilot
Cast: Jason Biggs (Nick)

American Pie guy does TV now?

"A comedy about an aide (Eric Christian Olsen) to a Democratic senator who falls for the daughter (Michelle Trachtenberg) of his boss' arch enemy (Moses)."
Commitment: Ordered to pilot
Cast: Eric Christian Olsen (Matt O'Brien), Mark Moses, Michelle Trachtenberg (Maggie Rogers), Smith Cho, Wendie Malick (Bryce Lowell)

Shows that have been ordered to pilot does not guarantee we see many of these survive the season. 4 out of 10 new TV shows fail to make their full season run. And by the second year, half of those who've survived their first year, are dropped from the grid altogether.

For more news on TV Shows in Development, check my earlier posts here, here and here.

In other news...they're slated to come back for one more year!

Fox Broadcasting confirms these shows will return next season:

House MD, Season 4
HOUSE is the No. 1 drama on FOX as well as the No. 3 scripted series on all networks in Adults 18-49, and the No. 2 scripted series on all networks in Adults 18-34 and Teens. The series Jan. 30 episode was the highest-rated scripted telecast of the 06/07 season on any network among Adults 18-49 and the highest-rated scripted telecast on any network in nearly a year.

Prison Break, Season 3
FOX has picked up a third season of the hit drama PRISON BREAK. The action-packed series stars Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller as on-the-lam brothers Lincoln Burrows and Michael Scofield, who plotted and executed an elaborate escape from a maximum-security prison after Lincoln was framed for a sensational murder. PRISON BREAK ranks No. 1 in its time period among key demos, including Adults 18-34, Teens, Women 18-34 and Men 18-49/18-34, and ranks No. 2 among Adults 18-49.

No word yet on a 24 Season 7.

News on other returning shows may be found here.

And last but not least, watch for these shows premiering in the next couple of weeks:

The Tudors, Season 1 (April 1)
The Shield, Season 6 (April 3)
The Sopranos, Season 6 (April 8)
Thank God You're Here, Season 1 (April 9)
Notes From the Underbelly, Season 1 (April 12)
Drive, Season 1 (April 15)