15 March 2007

The Riches

The Riches is a show I happen to only read up on earlier this week and was quite intrigued about it. I'm no Eddie Izzard fan, but something tells me I will be very soon. :) I'm too exhausted to write anything extensive about the show, so I'll cheat and keep this entry centered on what others think about it. Coz they mirror what I think, too. :)

TV Blend writes:
When a new show premieres on FX, chances are it's going to be pretty damned good. Even the less-than-stellar shows are more daring, creative, and entertaining than most of what you might see on a broadcast or basic cable network. And The Riches is no exception; in fact, it is one of the most well-done new shows of the year. The pilot, which aired earlier tonight, was nearly as riveting as that of The Nine, wich was almost universally lauded before the fall season started. But unlike The Nine, The Riches knows where it's going. And it looks like it's going to be a pretty fun ride.

The New York Times writes:
But The Riches has a voice and peculiar style all its own, the comedy always offset by a lurking sense of sadness and menace. The Malloys are Travelers, Gypsy-like nomads who in the United States, most often in the South, live in tight, hierarchical communities. Many survive on thievery and petty scams. After a dispute with the would-be head of their clan, the Malloys steal the community bank and run away. More through bad luck than serendipity, they assume the identity of a dead couple, Doug and Cherien Rich, and masquerade as a lawyer and a homemaker with three children in private school. The Riches is that rare thing, a dark, sophisticated series that speaks to our most childlike natures. Just as little boys and girls dress up as the Little Mermaid or pretend they are enrolled at Hogwarts, the Malloys tempt even stand-up adults to assume a new identity and live it to the fullest — on someone else’s MasterCard.

CNN article:
Reveling in that uneasy feeling has become the signature of the FX brand, where audiences have found themselves rooting for the unsavory leads in shows like "The Shield," "Rescue Me" and "Nip/Tuck." "Our network is about rebellion, it's about risk taking, it's about the notion of refusing to be constrained," says president and general manager John Landgraf. "And I have to say you won't find characters, you won't find stories, you won't find a tone that's like THIS show."

The Riches
Season 1
Original Airing: March 12, 2007
Network: FX