17 March 2007

Andy Barker, PI

In a nutshell Andy Barker, PI is the story of...
an accountantwho reluctantly becomes a private investigator after he occupies an office formerly used by a P.I.
--- Wikipedia

  • Reminds me of Arrested Development & The Office
  • Producer/Writer Conan O'Brien therefore, has more of Conan's comic orientation
  • Andy Richter fits the character of an accountant/accidental private investigator
  • Tony Hale!
  • Not many people will get the comedy, therefore --- no mass appeal
The first episode, which premiered this week, focused on the development of the story rather than the comedy. It could have left viewers bored since there was little to laugh about. However, the succeeding episodes promise to get better and funnier, based on press releases.

Yeah, I'm sticking around for that.

Andy Barker, P.I.
Season 1
Original Airing: March 15, 2007
Network: NBC