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19 May 2010


Jollibee on Glee is a trending topic...

Here's why:

Spot it? It's on camera so many times, you can't miss it. Filipinos everywhere are probably going to celebrate with a bucket of Chicken Joy after watching the #1 fast food chain store's logo on the current #1 TV show.

Oh, choreography for this Safety Dance is cute, too!

So many things to like about this episode (Episode 19th, Dream On)---

  • I liked the number with Idina Menzel & Lea Michelle. When you watch this, Idina would probably leave you speechless. Please remember to breathe.
  • I liked hearing Neil Patrick Harris singing. Pitch perfect! Why is this man gay? I think we need lotsa little Neil Patrick Harrises on TV.
  • I liked that this episode was directed by Joss Whedon. Maybe that's why it had a different tone to it. There was heart. And I've got boxes of tissues next to me while watching.
  • I liked that Kevin and Tina actually had a storyline.

What I did not like?

Tina still did not get to sing and I saw little of Sue Sylvester.

Damn. Almost perfect, Glee. Almost.

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