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19 December 2007

The X Factor UK - Leon

Once again, I made a mistake in predicting the winner for this year's XFactor, a singing contest ala-Idols in the UK. Psychic, I'm definitely not.

Who won? The Darkhorse - Leon.

Everytime Leon performed in the earlier rounds, I would cringe or fast forward the video, because more often than not, he'd have pitch problems. But 3 weeks before the finals, he grew into his craft. He sounded better. The song choice was better. A contest like this does really something to one's confidence, no?

The Winner's Song was When You Believe (from the animated movie Prince of Egypt) and Leon's style --- something that can be mildly compared to Bing Crosby, fit it better. So maybe that's why he won.

LEON, Winner X Factor

Rhydian, the runner up I thought was gonna win it, did a good rendition as well. But it lacked the heart Leon gave to the song:

RHYDIAN, Runner Up

The finale was an absolute treat. The contestants were made to sing a total of four songs and every number was entertaining.

Watch finale videos on the official YouTube Channel for The X Factor.

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