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27 December 2007

Online Comedy from SilverPolish Productions

I received an invite in my email last week, pointing me to Silver Polish Productions, a group composed of three young men who makes webisodes for airing on YouTube. They currently have five 2-minute episodes there and it's a story about two guys who are bent on making their first major movie.

Going with satire and comedy, the writing and acting aren't exactly Emmy-worthy but for first-timers, I see a lot of potential. As it is an independent production for the web, with none of that TV magic we are so used to, I expected little from it in terms of the technical side. And yet, surprisingly, they were able to produce a little show worth spending a couple of minutes of your time.

Where this may bring, it's still a matter of time before we know it. But I am glad that with the strike forcing the likes of me, a TV junkie to go on a TV Diet, I found another alternative. I'll be looking forward to more webisodes.

Here's the first episode from Silver Polish Productions (there's more on their official site):

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