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06 December 2007

Heroes S2 E11 - Powerless

Powerless Sylar regains all his abilities at the end of Heroes' Volume 2, the final episode. Know what did it?

He's Popeye the Sailor Man.......
He's Popeye the Sylar Man.......

WTH? I know people have been saying Heroes has been bad this season, but this is utterly hilarious!


  1. the writer's strike definitely had it's impact on shows like heroes. i didn't really wanted it to end in 11 episodes, but i guess that's better than 23 episodes of loop holes which will do more damage next season.

    ha ha ... i saw that too. gold! :D

  2. That's right! :)

    The other thing I'm bummed about is not seeing Elle for a long while.